My Fairyland

Over the years, people have often asked me the question, ‘how did you become a fairy?’ Here is my little story of becoming a children’s fairy entertainer and why I created a kids party entertainment business.

Finding my Fairyland…

Ever since I was a very little girl, I adored make-believe and magical stories!

It was in Year 2 when my teacher, Mrs Gillard, read us Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree books and ‘The Wishing Chair’. I was so taken by these stories and the adventures which they took me on in my mind.

Story telling and creating were always a big part of my life going through my school years. I had another love though, and this was working with children.

It was during my first year at Macquarie University studying Early Childhood Education in 2000 and being a young ambitious 18 year old full of dreams, I stumbled upon the idea of wrapping my two loves in one package….storytelling and children….why not become….. a fairy? As you do…

Becoming ‘Fairy Princess Diamond’ seemed to be the most natural thing I had ever done in my life. This never at any point felt like work. It was always what I was supposed to do and I felt so relieved and lucky to have found my calling in life with such ease.

I had no one to train me on how to run children’s parties- I created as I went. I do vaguely recall walking into my very first party and my mind was racing as to what I was exactly supposed to do, as a crowd of children raced in my direction with their arms waving madly in the air. My mother and I purchased a sparkly soft tulle wedding dress (as back then fairy dresses weren’t exactly the most common dress around with no such thing as online shopping either) and this became my gown for all my original parties.

My mission was making sure that every party I did exceeded expectation and that I was leaving the children with an experience they had never encountered before. I wanted the children to continue thinking about their adventures long after the party had ended. The storytelling was flowing so freely that each and every party had its own special feel. Parents would call me years after their daughter’s party and tell me that their child still talks about their birthday and that she still believes everything I told them of Fairyland. That always brought great satisfaction and happiness to me.

Driving around Sydney in those years before smart phones and GPS, was extremely daunting at times! I’m sure plenty of other kids party entertainers from that era would understand what I am talking about here! I would be sometimes hosting up to 4 or 5 different parties in one day and managing to get from one end of Sydney to the other and making costumes changes along the way with very little time to spare- all while glancing back and forth at a Gregory’s street directory! That was in itself a great education! I’ll never get lost driving anywhere in Sydney ever again!

I am forever grateful for everything that this business and for what the character Fairy Princess Diamond has given to me. I hosted up to 10 parties and events on my own, every single weekend for 7 years and then decided in 2007 it was time to expand and bring on more performers to help me with the large number of party bookings coming in. I had become one of the busiest and best kids party entertainers in Sydney- especially for fairy parties and Disney princess parties. For many years we branched out to Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our performers over the years have become great friends who I am still in touch with today and have brought so much more magic to what I had already created. I look back now at photos of past performers in party mode and it always makes me smile and laugh- bringing back great memories. I am so thankful for everything they did for Finding Fairyland.

During 2016 I decided to put a pause on mobile entertainment as I had my beautiful twin boys, William and Benjamin. During this time I created my dream themed Fairyland Party Venue, where we host luxury kids parties in a fairy forest atmosphere. We have been running perfect little kids parties in our venue through the last year and now as we start 2017, I feel it’s time to get our original mobile parties back in action.

I have newly designed this website as the last one was already over 10 years old and felt like a new chapter was in order. I hope you enjoy looking through it and if you are interested in doing something special for your child or for your company, please drop me a line and lets chat.

Thank you to all our old and new clients who have supported me and Finding Fairyland over the past 17 glorious years. The genuine love and passion I have for this business will never die. I hope my performers and I can keep making children’s dreams come true and hopefully leaving them with that magical feeling I received in my childhood from those who I was truely inspired by.

With love, 

Fairy Princess Diamond