My Fairyland

Over the years, people have often asked me the question, ‘how did you become a fairy?’ Here is my little story of becoming a children’s fairy entertainer and why I created a kids party entertainment business.

Finding my Fairyland…

Ever since I was a very little girl, I adored make-believe and magical stories! It was truly an obsession.

Imagination was a big part of my childhood. The memories have stayed with me forever and have certainly helped shape the way I perform and communicate with children. I still remember the incredible way I was transported to magic lands when my Year 2 teacher read us the Faraway Books and The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton and then racing home to spend the day attempting to build my very own ‘Wishing Chair’ from a patio chair and fallen palm tree leaves. There were thousands of moments as a child that I spent creating other worlds, building props during play and allowing my imagination to think far beyond where I was. I believe this is so beneficial to children and brings so many positives to their future.

It was during my first year at Macquarie University in 2000 studying Early Childhood Education when I stumbled upon the idea of wrapping two of my great passions in one package: storytelling and children….and so I became a Fairy.

Back in those days there were really just a handful of fairy party businesses around. The majority of entertainment for kids parties were magicians and clowns. I had no one to train me on how to run children’s parties- I created it as I went. I do vaguely recall walking into my very first party and my mind was racing as to what I was exactly supposed to do, as a crowd of children raced in my direction with their arms waving madly in the air. My mother purchased a sparkly soft tulle wedding dress for me (as back then fairy dresses weren’t exactly the most common costume around to find) and this became my gown for all my original parties.

My mission was making sure that every party I did exceeded expectation and that I was leaving the children with an experience which they had never encountered before. I wanted the children to continue thinking about their adventures long after the party had ended. If you read our testimonials page and scroll right down (on desktop) you will find many old lovely notes sent to me from parents back in the early 2000’s. So many memorable moments. The hardest part was getting from one end of Sydney to the other with limited time and doing complete costume changes while trying to remain calm navigating the old Gregory’s street directory. Younger mobile entertainers today don’t realise how lucky they have it with Google Maps!

In 2015 my long awaited dream of creating a magical Fairyland venue for children’s parties came to life. A place where I could perform in along with my wonderful team of characters. We have had such success with our Sydney Fairyland Party Venue and have plans of opening more around Sydney from 2020.

I am forever grateful for everything that this business and for what the character Fairy Princess Diamond has given to me. By 2015 I had personally performed in over 4000 events and had become one of the busiest and best kids party entertainers in Sydney. For many years we branched out to Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have a fantastic group of diverse performers who travel around Sydney hosting all types of events for children. I and grateful to everyone for all the hard work and the love they put in to our business.

Thank you to all our old and new clients who have supported me and Finding Fairyland over the past 20 glorious years. I hope our team can keep making children’s dreams come true and hopefully leaving them with that magical feeling I received in my childhood from those who I was truely inspired by.

With love, 

Catherine xx