Hosting Parents

Our exquisite Sydney fairy party venue is fully equipped to cater for up to approximately 80 people.

While children are being hosted, we will have any adults who stay well looked after in our ‘Fairy & the Frog’ themed function room (where you first walk in).

This charming space is set up for adults to relax with waitstaff and a barista assisting them while their child is being entertained close by.

In terms of the layout, we find that most people enjoy moving around freely rather than being seated the whole time. For this reason, we put tables against the wall with a buffet style food set up. We leave chairs throughout for people to sit down also.

If you have up to 20 adults attending and would prefer that everyone is seated, we can arrange a long banquet table set up. Please let us know what you would prefer when confirming your final numbers with us on the week leading up to your party.

*We do require that you select a food package for the adults if you have 8 or more people who are staying on site.

If you are having a drop off party we close the front side of the venue and therefore don’t organise staff or a barista to look after the adults. The few adults that will stay can then watch the entertainment in the party room. 

For under 10 adults we can organise a custom food package.

* Please note that no other food or beverage can be brought into Fairy and the Frog *


Value Hosting Package

$400 for up to 20 people (additional guests are $20 per person) 

Includes gourmet mixed wraps, gourmet beef pies or vegetarian spring rolls, cake selection served by the slice and coffee/tea with cookies.


Build Your Own Package

Simply select a minimum of 2 options from the below list…each menu item serves up to 20 people. We can customise these menus for any size group. 

1. Gourmet Mixed Wraps $200

2. Gourmet Cheese Selection with Crackers & Dried Fruits $200

3. Antipasto (cheese, cold meats, marinated artichokes & olives, breads, crackers and quince paste) $300

4. Fruit Platter (seasonal) $140

5. Croissants (mix of plain, almond and chocolate) $140

6. Vegetable Sticks & Dips $100

7. Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon & Creme $140

8. Arancini (bolognaise or pea or mushroom) $120

9. Teriyaki Chicken Skewers $120

10. Sweet Potato Chip $80

11. Vegetable Spring Rolls $100

12. Piroshki (meat filled Russian pies) $120

13. Gourmet Beef Pies $100

14. Quiche (lorraine or vegetarian) $120

Served in Noodle Boxes:

15. Niçoise, Ceasar or Greek Salad $200

16. Butter Chicken on Rice $200

17. Fish & Chips with Lemon & Tartar Sauce $200

18. Pelmeni with Lemon & Sour Cream (Russian meat filled steamed dumplings) $160

19. Hokkein Noodle Stir Fry with Prawns $200

20. Eye Fillet Beef with Traditional French Mash $300

21. Beef Ragu à la Niçoise with Polenta $300

Something Sweet:

22. Lemon Meringue or Strawberry Tart $100

23. Chocolate with Salted Caramel Tart $100

24. Mini Pavlova $100

25. Deconstructed Apple Crumble $100

26. Cheesecake (lemon, french vanilla or chocolate) $100

27. Scones with Raspberry Jam and Cream $120

28. Chocolate Mousse $100

29. Freshly Baked Choc Chip Cookies $100


Special Sit Down..

High Tea $80 per person (minimum required-please enquire)

Stunning table set up. Glass of champagne, Juice, lemonade, hot chocolate, Coffee, Loose Leaf Premium Tea Devonshire Tea: Scones with jam and clotted cream, selection of small cookies Savoury:changing menu Sweet: chef selection of petit four and petits gateaux.

French Crepes $50 per person (minimum required- please enquire)

Freshly made savoury and sweet crepes.


Drinks (on tab) 

Please let us know which drinks below you would like us to serve to your guests on tab:

Coffee $4 each

Tea $4 each

Soft Drinks $3 each

Orange and Apple Juice $4 each